My run in with groupings

At work, I saw a collection set up that was unfamiliar to me. This collection was the IGrouping expression. At first, glance that the groupby extension was using a lambda expression to create a list of objects. The objects are sorted by the expression orederby used on the collection. That was not the full story, using my copy of “C# 6.0 in a Nutshell The Definitive Reference” their explanation is “Enumerable.GroupBy works by reading the input elements into a temporary dictionary of lists so that all elements with the same key end up in the same sublist. It then emits a sequence of grouping. A grouping is a sequence with a key property.” I looked at it as a dictionary where each key pointed to a list collection. I had planned to rewrite it. It seemed messy and bloated. At first, the explicit type of IEnumerable<IGrouping<TKey, TElement» and the looping strategy for this collection seemed like a lot. But it was the best thing to use for the structure we were passing to a pie chart view. After working with it, this is a structure I plan to use again. This site tutorials-teacher has a code snippet and an example of its usage. Update I forgot how to use it and came back to my own blog post for the win!! I also liked the example Mike Taulty gave.

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My commonly used shortcuts

Below is a list of my daily drivers.

This is a windows short cut that is similar to alt tab but more aesthetically pleasing. Windows tab

This shortcut is just muscle memory from my Linux days. Alt tab

Ctrl tab keeps me moving through my forty thousand open tabs. Ctrl tab

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