An Example of Reflection

Like most people during covid, I missed my coding groups!!! I use to belong to three or four groups. While they are still around none of my local branches decided to go virtual. So I expanded my options and dropped into any open C# groups. I enjoyed it. Excluding my main coding group I had not been around other non-work devs. We would have talks about bout complex things. One thing that kept popping up was refection. Most of the people I am around are more experienced than me. So every time it was brought up we would just gloss over reflection and we would all laugh about why it was used. While I was laughing, I would get lost in what came next. I understood what reflection was as a concept. Never seeing it in action or using it, limited that understanding. So enough back story this is the what is reflection post.

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The T In TDD

By this point. If you have read some of my older blog postings. You know I am a part of a programming group that is big on TDD and the DDD paradigm. My mind is all over the place and I learn 5 things at one time. During this storm of random learning. I picked up TDD while reading “Working Effectively With Legacy Code” by Michael C. Feathers. The main focus is clearly stated in the title “Test” Driven Development.

If you are going to do TDD you will need to know how to test software. I did not learn about testing software in college. The many jobs I have worked at. Only a few of them had tests at all. Only when I became an automation developer was I forced into the world of testing. Even then I was still able to ignore many of the great benefits it offers.

Here we are going to go over a unit testing framework. There are a lot of choices like XUnit (my personal favorite), NUnit, pytest for python (My second favorite), and Jest for javascript. In our example, we will cover NUnit. While XUnit is my favorite I need to use NUnit for work so here we go!

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